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Groovy and Grails Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews,Assignments Will be provided

GG- Groovy Grails COURSE Agenda

(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):

Groovy Fundamentals

Differences between Groovy and Java

Compiling and executing Groovy programs

The basic Groovy data types and optional typing

Writing Groovy scripts

Declaring classes

Overriding operators and type coercion

GDK: the Groovy library

Groovy strings

Regular expressions in Groovy

· Groovy Collections




Iterators and polymorphic algorithms

· Closures in Groovy

Declaring closures

Available options for calling closures

· Groovy Control Structures

The “Groovy truth”

Conditional execution

Looping constructs

· Using Classes and Scripts

Groovy fields and local variables

Methods and operations

Safe dereferencing with the ?. operator

Organizing classes in packages

Using inheritance

POGO’s vs. POJO’s

· Unit Testing in Groovy


Unit-testing Groovy code

Unit-testing Java code

Code coverage and automation

· Groovy Builders




· Survey of the GDK

Simplified File access



· Database Access with Groovy

Basic database operations

DataSet operations

Groovy and ORM solutions

· Working with XML

Reading and parsing XML documents

Using XPath expressions

Distributed processing with XML

· Simple Metaprogramming


Injecting methods with Categories

The Expandmetaclass

· Web Development with Grails

The Grails framework

Creating web applications using Grails

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