How to publish Ads?
Before publish your first Ad, you need to create account using Signup/Register button on the top right corner. After fill the registration form you need to verify your account using your email (e.g: gmail, outlook,yahoo etc) which you have provided. After activate account you will be automatically redirect for login page. Than select “POST AN AD” and fill your information.

We will recommend before submit your Ad please read our Terms and Conditions¬†carefully by visiting “Terms” page.

Ad's Policy and Guide
Title: Length should not be longer than 20 Word (e.g: Ladies perfume for sale in X-City)
Description: Write maximum lengthy description and define briefly about your product (Recommended size is more than 300 Words)
Images: Required at least one image to post your Ad’s.
Phone, Email or Website URL are not allowed in Ad Title or Description. You can write your Phone, Email or Website on specific area or on Images.
Note: If you will not follow our policy you will be permanently ban and you will no longer able to post Ad’s on PKWhistle.com.

For more information please read our “Privacy Policy” , “Terms” , “FAQ” or “Contact US“.

How much time it will take to publish after I submit?
When you will submit ad, it will be manually approve by our professional team and will approve immediately. But if your information is not complete than your Ad will be not approve and will be reject.

Is this website for free to use or have any charges?
Yes, ofcourse it is totally free. There is no hidden charges. We love to care our members.

How to create account?
If you don’t know how to create account please visit our “Helping Videos” page.

How to submit Ads?
If you are new here and first time trying to listing your Ad’s and you don’t know how to list Ad please visit our “Helping Videos” page.

How much Ads can I daily submit is there any limit?

As we mentioned up it’s totally free. So, you can submit unlimited Ads daily. There is no daily, monthly or yearly limit. Duplicated Ads will be not approve and If you submit same ad multiple times your ad will be reject and immediately you will ban permanently from posting Ad on PKWHISTLE.COM.

How can I purchase Membership to advertise our business
If you want to run sponsor Ad’s on our platform please visit our “Membership” page to know the package & price

How to reset password if forget?
If you forget your password please visit¬† “Login” page and click on “Forget Password” Than enter your Email ID and submit. After submit go and check your Email (e.g Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook etc) you will receive new email from PKWHISTLE. Click on given link and set new password.

How to activate account from email?
Fill registration form and click on register button. after that go to your email (e.g Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook etc) you will receive new email from PKWHISTLE. Click on given “Activation Link”. and you are done. Now you can login your account by entering your username/email and password..

How to contact for query/support?
If you have any query, question or suggestion please visit our “Contact Us” page

Can I directly contact with site admin for any complaint?
If you want to contact to the site admin please send your query at “[email protected]

Can I renew my expires Ads?
There is no option under your dashboard to renew your ads but if you want to renew same ads just delete existing Ad and repost same Ad.

Can I submit Ad from outside Pakistan?
Yes, PKWHISTLE is currently opened for USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Pakistan and Indian communities only. But we are coming soon in following countries:


in Gulf:
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
Kuwait etc

Can we create link in profile or anywhere for SEO?
No, you have no option to build link in profile, description, bio and etc. This website is only for buy and sell product and services. If you are here for link building than you will be block immediately.