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core python Contents


Features of Python
Python Virtual Machine (PVM)
Frozen Binaries
Memory Management in Python
Garbage Collection in Python
Writing Our First Python Program

Writing Our First Python Program
Executing a Python Program
Getting Help in Python
Reopening the Python Program in IDLE
Datatypes in Python

Comments in Python
How Python Sees Variables
Datatypes in Python
Built-in datatypes
The None Type
bool Datatype
Sequences in Python
Literals in Python
Determining the Datatype of a Variable
Characters in Python
User-defined Datatypes
Constants in Python
Identifiers and Reserved words
Naming Conventions in Python
Operators in Python

Arithmetic Operators
Using Python Interpreter as Calculator
Assignment Operators
Unary minus Operator
Relational Operators
Logical Operators
Boolean Operators
Membership Operators
Identity Operators
Operator Precedence and Associativity
Mathematical Functions
Input and Output

Output statements
Various formats of The print()
Input Statements
Command Line Arguments
Control Statements

If Statement
If … else Statement
If … elif … else Statement
While Loop
For Loop
Infinite Loops
Nested Loops
Else Suite
Break Statement
Continue Statement
Pass Statement
Assert Statement
Return Statement
Arrays in Python

Creating an Array
Importing the Array Module
Indexing and Slicing on Arrays
Types of Arrays
Working with Arrays using numpy
Creating Arrays using linspace
Creating Arrays using logspace
Creating Arrays using arange() Function
Creating Arrays using zeros() and ones() Functions
Mathematical Operations on Arrays
Comparing Arrays
Aliasing the Arrays
Viewing and Copying Arrays
Slicing and Indexing in numpy Arrays
Dimensions of Arrays
Attributes of an Array
Reshape() Method
Flatten() Method
Working with Multi-dimensional Arrays
The array() Function
The ones() and zeros() Functions
The eye() Function
The reshape() Function
Indexing in Multi-dimensional Arrays
Slicing the Multi-dimensional Arrays
Matrices in numpy
Strings and Characters

Creating Strings
Length of a String
Indexing in Strings
Repeating the Strings
Concatenation of Strings
Checking Membership
Comparing Strings
Removing Spaces from a String
Finding Sub Strings
Strings are Immutable
Replacing a String with another String
Splitting and Joining Strings
Changing Case of a String
Checking Starting and Ending of a String
String Testing Methods
Formatting the Strings
Sorting Strings

Defining a Function
Calling a Function
Returning Results from a Function
Returning Multiple Values from a Function
Functions are First Class Objects
Pass by Object Reference
Formal and Actual Arguments
Positional Arguments
Default Arguments
Variable Length Arguments
Local and Global Variables
The Global Keyword
Passing a Group of Elements to a Function
Recursive Functions
Using Lambdas with filter() Function
Using Lambdas with map() Function
Using Lambdas with reduce() Function
Function Decorators
Structured Programming
Creating our Own Modules in Python
The Special Variable __name__
Lists and Tuples

Creating Lists using range() Function
Updating the Elements of a List
Concatenation of Two Lists
Repetition of Lists
Membership in Lists
Aliasing and Cloning Lists
Methods to Process Lists
Nested Lists
List Comprehensions
Creating Tuples
Accessing the Tuple Elements
Basic Operations on Tuples
Functions to Process Tuples
Nested Tuples

Operations on Dictionaries
Dictionary Methods
Using for Loop with Dictionaries
Sorting the Elements of a Dictionary using Lambdas
Converting Lists into Dictionary
Converting Strings into Dictionary
Ordered Dictionaries
Advanced python Contents

Introduction to Oops

Problems in Procedure Oriented Approach
Features of Object Oriented Programming System (OOPS)
Classes and Objects
Classes and Objects

Self Variable
Types of Variables
Types of Methods
Passing Members of One Class to Another Class
Inner Classes
Inheritance and Polymorphism

Constructors in Inheritance
Overriding Super Class Constructors and Methods
Super() Method
Types of Inheritance
Method Resolution Order (MRO
Duck Typing Philosophy of Python
Operator Overloading
Method Overloading
Method Overriding
Abstract Classes and Interfaces

Abstract Method and Abstract Class
Interfaces in Python
Abstract Classes vs. Interfaces

Errors in a Python Program
Exception Handling
Types of Exceptions
The Except Block
Assert Statement
User-Defined Exceptions
Logging the

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